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Human Nature: Janus

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Human nature. Some sociologists and philosophers are in a state of denial that it exists at all. It is “socially constructed” according to them. But, how can a careful observer of people, of their psychology, of history, of politics, anthropologists, all, say anything other than human nature is in fact something all humans are born with. What is this human nature?

This topic deserves a whole essay in and off itself, but suffice to say for now, its nature is Janus-like. Humans are altruistic, loving, moved by tragedy, and capable of great feats of kindness and sympathy. On the other hand, humans can be cruel, passionate and wild, irrational, violent, capable of great feats of horror and pain. So, is human nature good and evil a denial of it, or is human nature evil and is goodness something that must overcome our very inherent instincts? Both of these at once. Two currents, both a fundamental part of human psychology. In individuals and societies, these two currents must compete with each other. A battle without end.

Everything about human history will make more sense if you understand the essence of human nature. The simplest way to describe human nature in such a short passage is to say that it is both good and not good, in short, it is very complex and the there are many factors that motivate people.


Written by Akhipill

December 18, 2012 at 12:21 AM

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